By Eugene Matzota

It seems, however, that the situation of these clandestine Lodges, in particular, is not a new one at all, and it is extremely important to know very well what is all about.
We need to know especially because everything seems to be about money.
And, more than this, about a lot of money.

Money is taken by deceit, to be clearer, the victims were carefully chosen, probably because of their ability to pay sums of money about which there is no point in talking here, just to know that there is always such a danger around the corner.

Here’s how the issue of clandestine Masonry was treated about 100 years ago:

📃”Clandestine Masonry of today is wholly profit-making, begun and carried on by individuals who have nothing but duplicity to sell to their victims.
Unfortunately, many honest men have been persuaded to pay fees for the “degrees” of such spurious organizations, in the innocent belief that they were becoming regular Masons.
Some pathetic cases form a part of the literature of clandestinism.”

Well, now, suppose that, from the very beginning, these innocents with financial power did not want to buy, in fact, some Masonic degrees as high as possible, of course. All they wanted was to ascend spiritually.

Touching, isn’t it?

What we can easily assume is that the smart guys who have taken their money in the first place, have known that Freemasonry could eventually receive them in its ranks, and finally the money could have some justification.
It’s all about ethics and etiquette here…

The charity of Masonry, however, is usually extended to the honest victims of misrepresentation, and such “Masons” may apply, and. if they can pass the ballot in a regular Lodge, their misfortune in innocently entering a clandestine body seldom acts as an objection to their receiving the blessings of genuine Masonry.


©️ Excerpt from NEW MILLENNIUM MASONIC ETIQUETTE, Eugene Matzota, 2019

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