By Eugene Matzota

Perhaps the question should, in fact, be, “Why are the Jews so successful?”

The first thought that comes to mind when you ask yourself this would be that Jews are the chosen People. As a result, God should take special care of them and they simply have to exist and should be enough!But no, that would be far too simple.

The Jews are a people, it is true, but one that is distinct from the others, which are linked to a certain geographical area, forming a nation, as a rule. The Jewish people are widespread throughout the world. Thus, wherever they are, other than Israel, they are a minority.

Being a minority, Jews are marginalized. This marginalization naturally leads to a defense reaction to the actual attitude or only perceived as possible by the majority. Moreover, we are dealing with a phenomenon of the strong feeling of belonging to a large, or at least widespread, community on a global level.

Anyone who is part of this community will be helped, being defended by his own against the majority who often have not too kind reactions towards the Jews.

Some call this anti-Semitism, but this is not our subject now.

This help is well directed, as the lazy cannot count on this help, at most until the others discover this “quality”.

Unlike Christianity, for example, you do not have to always be present at the synagogue to be helped. You are a Jew, you will be helped because you belong to the same minority!

The ambition to reach the heights is, I would say, a characteristic of the Jews. Of course you must want to get there from childhood. Anyway, a Jew will go to the top areas, which I will not enclose here. It is enough to see a Hollywood product to see who they are.

Well, it’s true that it’s not enough to want. You must be able to!

From this point of view, yes, Jews have a higher IQ! The number of Nobel prizes proves this, because about 20% of them are received by Jews, about ten times the percentage they represent worldwide. They also have a sense of business that opens more of the gates that seem to already be opened by those who are rather on Wall Street.

Spirituality also has a connection with the teachings received, of course. It helps the little Jew to go on the right path, not to repeat the mistakes of the previous ones.

The same spirituality teaches that you do not have to stay away from money, as the Christian is urged. Therefore, if no can could be a banker, what could the Jew to save such a disastrous situation, if we might be kidding about this serious matter?

Their native talent makes them great singers or actors, not necessarily the relations with other Jews, as the envious ones might imply.

As a kind of conclusion that opens the way to other questions, being in the minority, attacked for so long, the Jews learned to fight.

And, if you have to constantly fight, you shall overcome, after all?

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