By Eugene Matzota

I’m not too easy to fool when I see a news item or an article, which is why it doesn’t fool me with its full title.
Look at that outrageous thing:

there are no black bosses in the German press!

Well, how can it not be like in South Africa, because this country is the term of comparison? Of course, it would have been correct, even “politically correct”, to make such a comparison with the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium or even France, which have more population from their former colonies, so to speak.

But, no, we are not talking about countries where the numbers are not in our favor, where we cannot prove that Africa and Europe are about the same thing!

It doesn’t matter that those few blacks can’t be native German speakers, apart from an INSIGNIFICANT percentage.
It doesn’t matter that those few blacks may not have the talent of journalists or managers in this delicate field, apart from an INSIGNIFICANT percentage.

About how many blacks can be in Germany, after all, which is a country full of blondes and blondes, so as to justify the indignation of this UN-GERMAN who imposes her opinion, but also of two prestigious institutions that are already passed in the other side, probably?

These are the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of OXFORD, both in the United Kingdom.
Two big names, but…
This is how they try to manipulate us subtly, putting Britain and Germany on an equal footing, as if German colonialism could somehow be compared to English colonialism.

Wouldn’t it have been better to deal a little with the areas in the UK that no longer actually belong to the Crown, being declared “NO-GO ZONES”?

Of course, whenever police unions say they exist, subtle political statements immediately appear that deny this, as if someone ordered them to do so.
And, perhaps, so it is…

And here that this lady, Hanaa ‘Tameez on her name, allows herself to try to use Overton window techniques, that, perhaps, as in the case of LGBT, the world WILL BE FORCED TO ACCEPT.
In short, using various manipulation techniques, you can get the transition from taboo, from unacceptable, to completely and utterly acceptable and legal, through this Overton window that moves along several stages.

Hanaa 'Tameez
She is Hanaa ‘Tameez. Isn’t she laughing at us?

Finally, what does she say, after all, processing the material provided by the two major institutions? There it is:

A new study of five countries finds that newsroom leadership is very, very white
In Germany and the U.K., not a single publication studied had a top editor of color.

The name of the one who compiles the news from the ”Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism” is the one that immediately makes us think of the Overton window technique, because it is one that belongs to a civilization of thousands of years..
Theirs, not ours, the Europeans.

That’s probably why she doesn’t even understand anything.
Or she doesn’t want to understand anything…

Her name is just one more element, added to the subtle manipulation of the two respectable institutions that seem to fall into the trap of neo-marxism.

We, who have no money from Soros or who knows who wants such a truth, have top journalist friends in Germany who can tell us how the situation is there.
Here is a list of “non-white” journalists from Germany:

  • Olamiju Fajemisin, 21, freie Journalistin
  • Anna Dushime, 30, freie Journalistin
  • Fabienne Sand, 27, freie Redakteurin und Autorin
  • Kemi Fatoba, Journalistin, Gründerin DADDY Magazin
  • Sammy Khamis – Redakteur Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • Sumi Somaskanda- Redakteur Deutsche Welle
  • Mohamed Amjahid – Journalist
  • René Aguigah – Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Ressortleiter Literatur

QED in non-white language,
“quod erat demonstrandum”
in ours…

This Hanaa ‘Tameez, assisted, of course, by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and the University of OXFORD, would like to open an Overton window.

I’d be the bad guy here if I thought she wanted to jump out of this window.
No, rather she would like to let in another minority command that falls on us.


Let’s leave the window closed.
For a while, just for a while…

Until, MAYBE, it really needs to be opened…

A new study of five countries finds that newsroom leadership is very, very white

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